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Israel Houghton may be saved and one of the most well-known worship leaders and Christian music artists, but if you come for his wife, he will still have to gather you all the way together.

Late last week, Adrienne took to her post on The Real to open up about her attempts to plan out when she would get pregnant, and the stress she put on herself when things weren’t going as she’d hoped.

“When I started family planning, I thought I had to set it all up,” she said. “I thought, I don’t want to miss an entire season of The Real or be home for like days or months with my baby. I was like, ‘Ok! I want to have a baby. If I can get pregnant between this window, then I can give birth’ — that’s not how it works. It didn’t work out that way.”

When The Real released a clip of that conversation to their social media, people had a lot of different things to say. One person was especially negative, saying “Adrienne motorlienmouth needs ATTENTION today. You know you have issues in having a baby. Your just lien to everyone. We know you very well. Phony loca.”

That message caught the eye of Israel, who wouldn’t let such a slight slide, saying, “and how long have you known her? Please don’t do that. Thanks. Figure out who you are. God Bless you as you go.”

Israel has politely been checking people about their relationship since it first began in 2016. When someone questioned him about starting a relationship with her when their lifestyles seemed like the polar opposite, he came to her defense.

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