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This summer I hurt my shoulder, and couldn’t lift heavy weights. I had to adjust my fitness routine to a different pace. One of my BFFs from grade school days, Lydia, came to visit, and she’s a yoga enthusiast at 65. Looks great. During her visit, she got on the floor and stretched for 15 minutes every day, then meditated. I thought “Hmmm. That’s doable and looks like it feels great!”

So I started that regimen, and let me tell you—it’s powerful and effective.

As we age, our muscles and joints do also. They are stiffer than they used to be. But, with stretching, they can stay lubricated and working well for us.

There’s a new app coming soon called While we wait

on this app with daily stretch routines, here’s an article highlighting “9 Stretching Benefits Women Over 40 Should Know”

They include:

1) reducing stress

2) opening up the body’s muscles and increasing blood flow

3) stretched muscles become your new normal

4) a stretching routine can elevate your exercise performance

5) it reduces overuse injurie

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