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Going it alone on the wall would be peak Trump:

President Donald Trump’s mantra “I alone can fix it” is about to face its ultimate test as he contemplates a vast, contentious sweep of executive power to build his wall.

“I’m considering everything,” Trump said Tuesday, opening a likely new phase in his struggle to fulfill his quintessential campaign promise, which could trigger constitutional and legal battles over the limits of presidential power.

To keep alive his supporters’ dream of a wall, Trump now has little choice but to go it alone, after a bipartisan Capitol Hill funding deal, shaped by the new era of divided government, dashed his demand for $5.7 billion in border wall funding.

Woman sues Atlanta nightclub after alleged sexual assault streamed on Facebook Live:

A woman who says she was sexually assaulted at a popular Atlanta nightclub and is suing the company that owns Opera Atlanta told reporters Tuesday she is a “victim, but I’m a survivor as well.”

Jasmine Eiland and her attorney, L. Chris Stewart, said at a news conference that the club, which was hosting a concert on January 20, did not have enough security, and due to Opera’s negligence she was sexually assaulted on the dance floor as she streamed her birthday party on Facebook Live.
As Stewart played reporters a video he says shows a man pulling Eiland through the crowd after a first assault, his client appeared to be overcome with tears and she was helped from the room for a while.

Teen gets vaccinated despite parents’ concerns: ‘I was doing it for my safety and the safety of others’:

Ethan Lindenberger grew up thinking that not being vaccinated was normal

Now 18, the Ohio resident never got a flu shot or the measles, mumps and rubella vaccine as a boy. He never had the experience of going to the pediatrician, getting pricked in the arm with a needle and then receiving a lollipop or ice cream cone afterward.

Eating ‘ultraprocessed’ foods accelerates your risk of early death, study says:

The quick and easy noshes you love are chipping away at your mortality one nibble at a time, according to new research from France: We face a 14% higher risk of early death with each 10% increase in the amount of ultraprocessed foods we eat.

“Ultraprocessed foods are manufactured industrially from multiple ingredients that usually include additives used for technological and/or cosmetic purposes,” wrote the authors of the study, published Monday in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine. “Ultraprocessed foods are mostly consumed in the form of snacks, desserts, or ready-to-eat or -heat meals,” and their consumption “has largely increased during the past several decades.”
This trend may drive an increase of early deaths due to chronic illnesses, including cancer and cardiovascular disease, they say.

Cardi B deactivates Instagram account after Grammys, Nicki Minaj, BET drama:

Cardi B should have been celebrating after becoming the first solo woman to win the Grammy for best rap album.

Instead she had some harsh words for haters on Monday and quit Instagram.
Using explicit language, the rapper struck back at those who said her “Invasion of Privacy” album wasn’t worthy of the award.

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