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via BlackDoctor:

Every minute in this country, two people are hospitalized for heart failure… and Blacks are at a much higher risk and are affected at an earlier age by the condition more than any other race.

Michele N., 63, leads a busy life as a business manager, a recovery support group leader and an active member of her church. In 2016, she started experiencing swelling in her legs and shortness of breath. She went to a physician for what she thought were allergies and asthma. But the symptoms worsened, and soon Michele wasn’t able to walk to her car after work without the help from a coworker or taking breaks.

Her physician referred her to a cardiologist, and, after an echocardiogram, Michele was diagnosed with a chronic type of heart failure. Having lost her mother 12 years earlier to heart failure, she was terrified to hear her diagnosis.

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