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via BLackAmericaWeb:

A Georgia teen is currently living the life after her viral tweet of multiple college acceptances has gone viral. Kayla Willis, a high school senior from Fairburn, Georgia, now has the selection of 31 schools, and is waiting for possible others after sending out applications to 50 schools.

Via Madamenoire:

“I kinda don’t want to post this, but someone said ‘the whole world needs to know how great you are’ so here we go twitter!” Willis, a student at Westlake High School, posted on February 24. The photo shows a multitude of college placards under a photo of her senior yearbook photo. Since then, her  tweet has generated a lot of conversation surrounding Willis and her accomplishments.

But the glory didn’t come without hard labor. Willis told WXIA-TV that she scored 1,160 and maintained a 3.95 grade-point average.

“My goal was to have options,” she told Fox 5, “I didn’t want to limit myself. I also asked the question, how can I go to school for free?”

“I’m here to encourage. If you are proactive and persevere, you can achieve any goal,” she told Fox 5. In an interview WXIA-TV she said, “I really wanted people to see what they could do because a lot of people doubt themselves.

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