Police officer pulled a gun on a black man picking up trash on his own property. Now, the department is investigating:

The Boulder Police Department has launched an internal investigation after an encounter between a group of officers and a black man was captured on video and circulated online.

The video, which was published on YouTube and on social media, was filmed on the morning of March 1 in Boulder, Colorado. It shows a man with a bucket and a long item in a front yard of a townhouse complex. An officer appears to be talking to the man and has his hand on his hip.
“He’s picking up trash,” the person filming says repeatedly, as the man and the officer exchange words at a distance. “He lives here,” the person filming says. The officer is then joined by other officers and the man and the officers appear to be yelling at each other. The video ends with all the officers walking away.

Paul Manafort gets 47 months. Legal experts and advocates share examples of people who got more time for less:

When Paul Manafort was sentenced to about four years in federal prison, the backlash was fast and furious on social media.

Judge T.S. Ellis sentenced Manafort to 47 months Thursday for defrauding banks and the government, and failing to pay taxes on millions of dollars in income earned from Ukrainian political consulting. It was a far cry from the 19 to 25 years prosecutors said he deserved

16 cases of mumps have been reported at Temple University:

Sixteen cases of mumps have been reported by Temple University, according to Christopher Vito, associate director of public relations at Temple. He said 10 of those are confirmed, six are probable and one additional case is under investigation.

The university, based in Philadelphia, first reported cases of the contagious illness on February 28 but did not say how many people were infected.
Mumps is a vaccine-preventable disease that is caused by a virus. It is spread through saliva or mucus by coughing, sneezing or talking, sharing eating utensils or cups, according to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention. It can also spread when an infected person touches items or surfaces that are then touched by someone else who picks up the virus.

What we learned from Part 2 of R. Kelly’s interview:

The second portion of Gayle King’s exclusive interview with singer R. Kelly aired on “CBS This Morning” Thursday and this time, some of the women in his life spoke out.

Kelly talked about his finances and his relationship with two young women whose families say are being controlled by singer.
The star is listed among the top selling artists for hits such as “I Believe I Can Fly” and “Ignition,” but he now says he’s running low on funds.
“So many people have been stealing my money,” he said.
According to Kelly, he went by himself for the first time to a Bank of America branch weeks ago, only to learn that he had only $350,000 and multiple people with access to his money.

From solar sisters to waste warriors, 5 examples of women taking climate action:

Climate-related disasters, extreme weather events and depleting water sources affect everyone on earth, but studies show that women are disproportionately impacted by global warming.

Women in developing countries are particularly at risk as they are often poorer and more dependent on natural resources than men, according to the United Nations.
On International Women’s Day, we profile five initiatives led by women fighting for a greener planet.

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