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Imagine a church with no pulpit. Imagine a church with no choir. Try to wrap your head around a church with no VIP parking and no chance of NOT getting good seating, because the service could be in your own home.

That is the church that Jomo Johnson wants us to believe is possible. And he is working to make that vision possible.

No, Johnson is not talking about streaming the sermon on your television or laptop. It’s still live. The Church for Black Men and Families participated in the house church method.

“‘Church for Black Men and Families’ is born out of that mission to be able to create vibrant families of Jesus for Black men and their families in the Black community,” Johnson said.

Johnson started down a traditional path, earning his Bachelor of Arts degree in Biblical Studies from Beacon University and then a Masters of Divinity from Westminster Theological Seminary. He veered toward the Presbyterian denomination and was working to build a church in Savannah, Georgia, when he said he was told that the plan did not include certain types of Black folks

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