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Black students across the country are continuing to display excellence in the realm of academia. According to the Journal of Blacks in Higher Education, three African-American students were selected as 2019 Rhodes Scholars.

The students are three of 32 chosen by the Rhodes Trust to be granted graduate scholarships to further their education at the England-based Oxford University, the news outlet writes. They were picked from a pool of nearly 3,000 applicants.

Amongst the Black students who received the honor are Lia Petrose, a University of Pittsburgh alumna who studied economics and neuroscience and minored in chemistry, University of Pennsylvania senior Anea B. Moore who is studying law and Africana studies, and Austin T. Hughes from the University of Iowa who is currently majoring in theatre arts, creative writing and literature and Japanese linguistics.

All three students have used their knowledge to make an impact in their local communities and beyond. Petrose led a research project in Malawi surrounding the economics of health information systems, Moore has explored how race, class, and gentrification are intertwined through her research, and Hughes has received several awards for his creative writing.

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