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If you find that you’re constantly daydreaming or shifting focus from here to there, you’re not alone. Studies have found that human brains are in the moment for just over half of our waking hour, just 53%. The other 47% of the time we’re zoned out, thinking of something else. Unfortunately, mind wandering can happen at the wrong moment.

If you’d like to take small, easy steps to increase your attention span and strengthen your focus, here’s where to start:

1. Integrate meditation into your daily routine

Meditation is one of the best ways to improve your focus, as it is the mental training of your overall clarity and focus. Much like the effect that weightlifting has on your muscles, meditation trains your brain stay at attention for longer periods of time.

In a study done at the University of California at Santa Barbara, undergraduate students who took a mindfulness class and meditated for 10 to 20 minutes four times a week for two weeks scored higher on memory tests and exercises requiring attention than students who changed their nutrition and focused on healthy eating as a way to boost brain power.

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