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Othniel Innis, 58, is facing murder charges after police say he shot and killed his girlfriend, Tynesha Evans, at a bank over the weekend.

The children of a single mother who was shot and killed at a bank in Alpharetta, Georgia are having some of their burdens eased by actor and director Tyler Perry.

According to police, Tynesha Evans, 45, was shot and killed on Saturday by her boyfriend, 58-year-old Othniel Innis, at a local bank.

Evans’ daughters told WSBTV, that their mother had fallen on hard times and that the suspect, Innis, asked her to meet him at the bank so he could give her money to help cover her rent. Instead of helping, however, he is accused of robbing the loving mom of her life.

Evans’ children, two of them minors, according to a GoFundMe campaign set up by the family, were left to try and bury their mother and also keep up with their schooling.

That is until Perry reached out to the family after hearing about the heartbreaking story.

“It was a call I wasn’t even going to answer. I said, ‘Well, let me answer it to see who it is.’ I answered and the person on the other end said, ‘This is Tyler.’ I said, ‘Who?’ He said, ‘This is Tyler.’ I said, ‘Tyler who?’ and he said, ‘Tyler Perry.’ At that point, I just broke down crying,” Evans’ daughter Audrey Turner told the news station.

According to the family, Perry offered to fly their mother’s body back to Wisconsin, her home state, where she will receive a proper burial surrounded by family and friends.

One of Evans’ daughters, Sharadiant Turner, is a freshman at Spelman College who initially didn’t know how she was going to continue to pay her tuition. Perry has also promised that the teen will not have to worry about that either.

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