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The couple who murdered 4-year-old Aniya Day Garrett was ordered to spend the rest of their lives behind bars Wednesday.

Sierra Day, convicted in the murder of her daughter, 4-year-old Aniya Day-Garrett, was sentenced to life without parole. Her boyfriend, Deonte Lewis, also convicted in the crimes, received life in prison with parole eligibility after 20 years.

The prosecutor’s office also asked that the pair be ordered to spend every March 11 in solitary isolation, to mark the anniversary of Aniya’s death.

“I don’t believe in 24 years I’ve seen a more callous disregard for human life than I did with Sierra Day,” Judge Timothy McCormick said prior to announcing the sentences.

Day, 24, and Lewis, 27, were both found guilty to multiple charges earlier this month for the March 2018 murder of Aniya. Her cause of death was cerebral necrosis due to blunt impacts to the head with subdural hematoma, according to the Cuyahoga County Medical Examiner’s Office.

When asked if she wished to speak, Day declined.

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