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Popular R&B singer Charlene Keys, known by her stage name Tweet, is calling it quits with organized religion after suffering “culture shock” from what she describes as an abusive business driven culture in many churches that exploits Christians for monetary gain instead of caring for souls.

“I’m sick of it. Enough is enough. I’m tired. It’s coming out in the music, it’s coming out in interviews, it’s coming out. I’m saying what I wanna say,” Tweet said in a recent Instagram Live conversation with her daughter, Shenice, that was shared on YouTube.

“I’m not shading nobody, I’m telling my truth. And church has been the worst. I will not do church anymore. I love God, I have a relationship with God, but you won’t see me in nobody’s church house. I’m not giving nobody my tithes. I’m not giving 10 percent to nobody, period. That’s it. Sorry,” she continued.

The Grammy nominated singer best known for her classic 2002 record, “Oops (Oh My)” explained that she sought solace in the church after going through a period of depression and alcoholism. She had gone through some bad spells in her career that caused her to recline from the spotlight, the Los Angeles Times reported.

“I had to get my life together spiritually. It took a lot to compromise [on the last album]. It hurt a lot to not have nobody speak up for me. I was in a relationship and the guy had a baby on me. Everything was hitting the fan at the same time. I remember watching BET and Tonex [now known as B. Slade] was singing ‘Make Me Over.’… I was at my wits’ end. I was drinking every day, smoking three packs of cigarettes. It was like, come on, this can’t be life,” she told the publication in 2016.

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