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*In an exclusive EURweb interview with DeVon Franklin, the movie producer talks about “Breakthrough,” wife Megan Good, and his book, “The Truth About Men.”

With your pick of the liter, why did you pick   ‘Breakthrough’ as your next picture?

It picked me. I didn’t pick it. I was promoting another film that I produced and while I was promoting that film, I met the family that ‘Breakthrough’ is based on and was completely blown away by their story. The moment I heard it, I knew that God was calling me to tell it.

Did you have anything to do with casting?

 Absolutely. Chrissy Metz was the first piece of the puzzle and was told basically if you don’t get her, you don’t have much of a chance doing the movie. So that was the beginning of the process.

DeVon, what do you want audiences to walk away with when they see ‘Breakthrough’?

Hope. I want them to walk away with inspiration. I want them to know that all things are possible to those that believe; feel they are not alone, and there’s a plan for their lives.

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