Dr. Tony Evans

via FirstLadyB:

Dr. Tony Evans has posted an update regarding his wife, Lois Evans, after revealing earlier this month that her gallbladder cancer had returned.

Sharing that they’ve been spending a lot of time in waiting rooms, and talking to doctors, Dr. Evans asked that we continue to pray, because Lois cancer has no known cure.

“Despite the doctor’s serious diagnosis, Lois is currently in no pain, he shared. We are activelyin and out of doctor’s offices as we pursue both conventional and alternative paths. We are spending a lot of time in waiting rooms these days and we are seeing the blessing available to us even in the middle of this challenge.

“Please continue to pray. We need your prayers. Lois’s illness is rare and has no known cure. But we wanted you to know that she is doing well and that we are looking up and expecting God to do a miracle.”

Back on April 2nd, the pastor of Oak Cliff Bible Church, shared that after a routine scan, his wife, who had been cancer free was informed that her cancer had returned.

Tony Evans

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