North Carolina has had to grapple with multiple college shootings and campus threats in the past few years:

Two people were killed Tuesday after a gunman began firing in a room on the campus of the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. Four students were injured — three of them critically.

The school was placed on lockdown as police swept through and secured each building.
In a news conference, North Carolina Gov. Roy Cooper said, “A student should not have to fear for his or her life when they are on our campuses.”
It was a terrifying scene, but not one unfamiliar to North Carolina universities

William Barr is in deep trouble:

Attorney General William Barr did two strange things between the time he received special counsel Robert Mueller’s report on Russian interference in the 2016 election and when he released it to Congress and the public.

The first came on March 24 when, two days after receiving the Mueller report, Barr released a four-page summary letter in which he made clear his conclusion that the report found no collusion between the Trump campaign and the Russians and that Mueller hadn’t made any recommendation as to whether President Donald Trump should be charged with obstructing justice.

Whistleblowers: Company at heart of 97,000% drug price hike bribed doctors to boost sales:

Two whistleblowers at a pharmaceutical company responsible for one of the largest drug price increases in US history said the company bribed doctors and their staffs to increase sales, according to newly unsealed documents in federal court.

The effort, the whistleblowers said in a lawsuit against the company, was part of an intentional “multi-tiered strategy” by Questcor Pharmaceuticals, now Mallinckrodt, to boost sales of H.P. Acthar Gel, cheating the government out of millions of dollars.
The price of the drug, best known for treating a rare infant seizure disorder, has increased almost 97,000%, from $40 a vial in 2000 to nearly $39,000 today.

Mark Zuckerberg says he invented a ‘sleep box’ to improve his wife’s slumber:

Mark Zuckerberg and his wife, Priscilla Chan, are experiencing the joys of parenting — including sleep deprivation.

“Being a mom is hard, and since we’ve had kids Priscilla has had a hard time sleeping through the night,” the Facebook founder and CEO wrote Sunday in an Instagram post. The couple have two young girls.
“She’ll wake up and check the time on her phone to see if the kids might wake up soon, but then knowing the time stresses her out and she can’t fall back asleep.”
To help Chan get more shuteye, Zuckerberg used his engineering knowledge to devise a “sleep box.”

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