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In a new episode of ABC News’ Journeys Of Faith With Paula FarrisBishop T.D. Jakes opened up about some of his life’s darkest moments and how they strengthened his faith in God.

eferring to his new book, Jakes says, “Life has a lot of ways to crush us. And the reason I wrote the book is that in the process of the crushing, there’s always the gift of wine that flows out of it, that you come out of it stronger and in another form.”

He added, “It is the struggle that makes you strong. It’s resistance, weight-training. If you don’t have the resistance, you won’t build the muscle. And so I wrote ‘Crushing’ to help people make sense out of the parts of their lives that are not working or didn’t work or didn’t turn out the way they thought, and to make them look for the gift in it and try to have a more positive attitude about it and wait for that gift to ferment. And sometimes the wisdom of the aged only comes through the failures of the youth.”

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