via joy105:

You can only offer “mad kudos” to a woman with this much boldness and integrity! As media, one of our greatest frustrations comes when celebrities get in trouble and they want the same people that support them in good times to become silent in their rough times. The famous line “we are asking for your privacy during this time”. It’s cool and awesome when in the good and bad celebs and other public figures keep it 100% with their audience. Most in the wonderful world of social media are not under the hypnosis that they are following perfect people for one reason or another they feel a connection. It may be fashion, beauty, music, attraction, gossip, spiritual, but whatever it is they support!

Thanks to Lexi for setting the example of what public figures should do! It’s authenticity that keeps folks following! She made it clear the wedding is off, but she is still going to enjoy her weekend in Jamaica as she should! There are so many unhappy people in the world and when they’re honest they have to admit they saw the same signs Lexi shares in this video! Most are afraid of the “shame” they feel may come not realizing it’s coming now or later and shame is cheaper than a divorce! Madd love to Lexi enjoy your now vacation! Turn down for what!


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