via BlackAmericaWeb:

Yesterday, we reported that Michelle Williams was seen out and about with her former fiancé Chad Johnson. The two spent the weekend together at the Kentucky Derby, going out to dinner and snapping pictures with one another.


The optics certainly made it seem that the two had reconciled and were, perhaps, working toward rebuilding their relationship.

Michelle has heard the chatter and has responded to those of us with questions. Essentially, she politely and slyly told us to mind our business.

It’s certainly not an unreasonable request. After all, the lack of privacy in their relationship certainly didn’t help with things. Still, we’ve seen too much for us to just let it go now. So, good luck with that, sis.

While Michelle is going to play coy. Sources told Page Sixthat things are as they seem.

“They are trying to work on things. They definitely came together.”