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Just ahead of Mother’s Day, Sharonda Wilson is proving just how unselfish moms can be. The Michigan mother and her son, Stephan were graduating from two different universities on the same day.

Wilson wanted to be there to see her son graduate from Central Michigan University in Mt. Pleasant and was willing to skip her own graduation at Ferris State University in Big Rapids. The two schools are an hour away from each other.

But fortunately for mother and son, someone got wind of Sharonda Wilson’s dilemma and intervened. That someone was Central Michigan University’s president, who intervened on the Wilson’s behalf. reports:

According to CNN, Central Michigan’s president, Bob Davies, heard about Wilson’s predicament on the morning of the ceremony, and he then contacted Ferris State University president David Eisler. Working together, the universities quickly devised a plan to surprise Wilson with her diploma at her son’s graduation.

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