Earlier this week reports came out that the Warwick School District in Rhode Island was about to implement a policy that students who had outstanding school lunch debt would only be served sunflower seed butter and jelly sandwiches for lunch. According to the district, they had over $77,000 in school lunch debt and were also facing millions of dollars in budget deficits this coming fiscal year. The fact that schools are squeezed for debt, and would have to sink to shaming kids and their families is a sad state of affairs.

After the blowback from this policy decision crossed the country, the Warwick School District announced on Wednesday that they were reversing course on the jelly sandwich policy, telling CBS News that they had collected around $14,000 from parents with outstanding debts.

On Thursday, the Warwick School District got some even better news as the founder and CEO of Chobani Yogurt, Hamdi Ulukaya, announced that his company would be paying off and covering the expenses for these student.

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