Ruth Bader Ginsburg speaks out with eye towards future of Roe v. Wade:

The 86-year-old Supreme Court justice who this year became a three-time cancer survivor will be heard.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg warned on Tuesday about a threat to abortion rights and demonstrated that she is not going quietly on any abortion-related compromise. Ginsburg, in fact, has shown in recent weeks that she is not going quietly on much.
In addition to her partial dissent in the Indiana abortion dispute, Ginsburg on Tuesday wrote separately — again, alone — to protest a majority decision that she asserted uses a “thin case to state a rule that will leave press members and others exercising First Amendment rights with little protection against police suppression of their speech.”

Hawaii hiker says she followed a ‘voice’ down an unfamiliar trail. Then she got lost for 17 days.:

Three weeks ago, Amanda Eller felt drawn to go to the Makawao Forest Reserve on the Hawaiian island of Maui to connect with nature and get grounded.

She had rarely been to that park and hadn’t been in months. But that day she was called to go.
The 35-year-old physical therapist, who had a whole day to herself, figured she’s go for a 3-mile hike and spend a couple hours in the woods.
“I don’t really know what happened,” she said Tuesday morning, speaking to reporters while in a wheelchair. “All I can say is that … I have strong sense of internal guidance, whatever you want to call that — a voice, Spirit, everybody has a different name for it

Ellen DeGeneres recounts assault by her stepfather in David Letterman interview:

Ellen DeGeneres revisits abuse she experienced as a teenager in an upcoming episode of David Letterman’s Netflix show, “My Next Guest Needs No Introduction.”

In the interview, which releases Friday, DeGeneres talks about being sexually assaulted by her mother’s then-husband when she was a teen.
The abuse started, DeGeneres said, after her mother, Betty, was diagnosed with breast cancer.
“He told me when [my mom] was out of town that he’d felt a lump in her breast and needed to feel my breasts,” she recalled in her conversation with Letterman. “Anyway, he convinced me that he needs to feel my breasts and then he tries to do it again another time, and then another time.”

Reading the tea leaves about whether drinking green tea is good for you:

A lot of little lifestyle decisions can have a big impact on overall health. Taking the stairs for two minutes, choosing to grill rather than fry your food or refusing that extra glass of wine can all add up to a longer life.
Given the importance of these small choices, some are wondering whether they should give up their morning cup of coffee in favor of green tea. The evidence on green tea’s benefits is still developing, and we don’t know if it’s the healthier choice. But if you’re looking to make the switch, there is some information that might push you over the bean-leaf divide

Burnout is an official medical diagnosis, World Health Organization says:

It’s a feeling of extreme work stress that’s long been embedded in the cultural lexicon, and now it might be codified in your medical records as well.

Burnout is now a legitimate medical diagnosis, according to the International Classification of Diseases, or the ICD-11, the World Health Organization’s handbook that guides medical providers in diagnosing diseases.
Burnout now appears in the ICD-11’s section on problems related to employment or unemployment. According to the handbook, doctors can diagnose someone with burnout if they meet the following symptoms:

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