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Anthony Evans, the son of Pastor Tony Evans, shared a health update with The Christian Post about his mother, Lois, who was recently diagnosed with a rare form of cancer.

“My mom actually feels great,” Evans told CP on Thursday after his new album, Altared,reached No. 1 on the Gospel charts.

“It’s been crazy because she looks great, she feels great, and we’re just hoping that the doctor’s report, next time, is a reflection of how she looks and feels right now,” the singer said.

Unfortunately, the family can’t fully celebrate a change in the matriarch’s health because, for now, her medical record remains the same.

“The doctors didn’t have a lot of answers, that’s what’s annoying. They don’t have a lot of clear answers but I’m very thankful that she’s not in pain,” he continued.

As for what the Evans family has been doing since their mother’s cancer diagnosis, the worship leader said it’s the first time that their roles have been reversed.

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