via EEWMagazine/Rebecca Johnson:

An African-American male hotel clerk named Craig Brooks has gone viral on social media for his response to a racist white woman who called him the N-word Sunday, June 2.

When the biased woman popped up at the front desk asking to have a room booked at the Holiday Inn Express in Austin, TX, the 26-year-old calmly refused, saying, “The Best Western is next door,” and answering her futile cries for admission with a now infamous phrase: “It’s above me.”

At the time of writing, the 59-second video capturing the interaction, which was viewed and retweeted by actress Gabrielle Union, and many others, has been watched over 3 million times. The hash tags #TheBestWestern and #ItsAboveMe are both trending online.

While the woman who spewed the hate speech cannot be seen on video, her voice is clearly heard attempting to make a case for why she deserved sympathy in that moment.

“Well, I need to stay here,” she said. “My mother died.”

Craig, who published the exchange, responded, “I understand that, but you called me a f*cking n*gger”—to which the woman replies, “I’m sorry.”

Craig, unfazed by the racist’s feigned penitence and change of heart, rebutted, “No, but you weren’t sorry when you said it on the phone.”

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