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Well, it is almost summer time and many women and men alike are getting pedicures. What is a pedicure?

Well according to the dictionary, this is…

Word Origin and History for pedicure


1839, “one whose business is surgical care of feet” (removal of corns, bunions, etc.), from French pédicure, from Latin pes (genitive pedis) “foot” (see foot (n.)) + curare “to care for,” from cura (see care). In reference to the treatment itself, attested from 1890; specifically as a beauty treatment, from 1900.

Pedicures are enjoyed by many but not necessarily safe for all. While they can be enjoyable, relaxing and leave the feet feeling great, here’s what you should be aware of concerning pedicures. There are some groups of people that should be very careful: diabetics, the elderly, and childre

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