Apparently, nothing is sacred, including what a Houston pastor uses for his calling.

Dr. Kerry Ganther, a pastor at Salem Missionary Baptist Church in the Heights area, said he had dinner Friday evening at a popular café on Memorial Drive. When he returned to his car, that was parked next to the patio, he was missing something.

“The back window on the driver’s side was broken,” he said. There was broken glass, and what had been inside was gone.

A laptop computer was taken, but it’s what the pastor relies on for his sermons and study that bothers him the most.

“I had my personal Bible, preaching Bible, pulpit Bible, and my personal study Bible that I’ve had for 44 years,” he said.

The Bibles, preaching materials and sermon notes were in tote bags, so the thief probably grabbed first, and looked later. He doubts a person capable of theft would have much use for what a pastor holds dear.

Even so, he’s praying that whoever is responsible do the right thing.

“Maybe, turn their heart to God and want to change and know there’s a better way. You don’t have to steal and take,” he said.

Pastor Ganther preaches forgiveness, but he also filed a police report. He’s praying that the stolen items will be returning. “They can contact the church or HPD,” he said.

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