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Grab your ballpoint pen and write this on your calendar. June 10th of each year is National Ballpoint Pen Day.  This particular day commemorates the ballpoint pen and marks the anniversary of the patent filing on June 10, 1943.

Before 1943, anyone who wanted to write a letter or scribble some notes on a piece of paper would have to use a fountain pen or pencil.  Now the dominant writing instrument, the ballpoint pen was originally conceived and developed as a cleaner and more reliable alternative to the quill and fountain pens. Every day, millions are manufactured and sold worldwide.  Lost cost and its omnipresence assure that there is always a ballpoint pen within your reach.

In earlier years, many attempts by inventors led to failed patents as their inventions did not deliver the ink evenly and also had overflow and clogging issues.

Brothers Laszlo and Gyorgy Biro are credited with the invention of the ballpoint pen and obtained a patent in June of 1943.


Grab a ballpoint pen and write a letter to someone.  Use #BallpointPenDay when using social media