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We told you about Tyler Perry’s reaction to actress Racquel Bailey using her rent money to pay $2,000 for a billboard in attempts to land a role in his next film. Simply put, Perry appreciated Bailey’s resilience but advised that it was the wrong approach (You can read more about that here).

In a recent interview with Access Live, the mother of two responded to the director’s critique and revealed the rationale behind the bold move.

“It didn’t make me feel rainbows and butterflies. When I decided to do this, I didn’t know what the response would be,” she said in response to Perry’s criticism. “Last time, I didn’t get any response from him and I wasn’t expecting really much out of this time as well, but I had to take a chance.”

“When he speaks, as an actress, I should listen. And when he put up the post, I really wanted to take heed to everything he was saying. This is my leap of faith. This is my journey. It may not be for everybody else. I wanted to do something out of the box. I probably wouldn’t advise someone ten years ago to put up billboards to try to get a casting director’s attention. So this is me. I can only speak for myself. But I will say to other actors or people who want a chance, I would say think outside the box. Be creative. It may not be a billboard, but it can be something else.”

Several years ago, Bailey tried a similar stunt, but it didn’t work. Her motivation for trying again, you ask? Her children.

“This decision to put up a billboard, though it was directed at Tyler Perry, it wasn’t motivated by him. I have two beautiful children whom I love to take care of and that is my day-to-day job,” she said. “I want to show them to go after their dreams, more so than tell them.”

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