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Life for O’Shea Jackson better known as Ice Cube has been something straight out of one his Hollywood movies. The now 50-year-old Cube sold his first song to Eazy-E at age 16. After high school in 1987, he enrolled at the Phoenix Institute of Technology in Arizona. Being passionate about architecture, he majored in architectural drafting.  He completed his degree within one year and returned to Los Angeles to pursue a rap career. Not sure of whether his rap career would work out, he would turn to become an architecture draftsman as a career backup.

But after his first success with hip-hop pioneering group, N.W.A., the Compton native never looked back.  And he had no reason too.  Ice Cube to date has been in over 35 movies, produced 18 films, has multiple platinum records and one of Hollywood’s “go-to” guys for creating quality, family box-office entertainment.

But how does he do it?

It’s been said that Ice Cube works so hard so that he can create opportunities for his children. In 2015’s box-office smash, “Straight Outta Compton” his son O’Shea Jackson, Jr was one of the stars and his other son, Darrell worked behind the camera and still does on Cube’s other projects. “White people hire their kids all the time, why can’t we?” Cube was quoted as saying.

Needless to say, fatherhood is important to this father of four.

“A lot of our father’s, a lot of our Black males aren’t stepping up like they should. And my generation is terrible,” remarks Cube. “They want to be b-boys and hip-hop and want to stay there. Some want to still be in the 70’s and stay there and not grow up.  But we’ve got to change that. At some point, we’ve got to get serious.”

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