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Urban camping used to be a thing for hobos, gypsies, and transients – but the shift in economic realities has brought forward some affordable camping trip ideas. You average vacation costs you around $100 per night in barely decent hotels. This means that a week’s vacation without travel and food would have already cost you $700.

Depending on your vehicle’s mileage, with a camping trip, you will be looking at somewhere between $100 and $200 for travel and $50 a day for your family’s food. This would leave you with a spread that is no more than $1150 for a whole week of fun activities.

How though?

Motorhome Options

For your camping trip, you can easily get your hands on a motorhome that costs under 3k. This means that if you have been on 2 vacations without staying in hotels, the motorhome has already paid for itself. You can even go ahead and buy an RV trailer for a lower price and maybe even get a larger space. The only difference is that you will need to tow your RV with your vehicle.

Once you have a motorhome, making it comfortable enough for a beautiful family vacation is completely your responsibility. You need to plan well for your bathroom. You should also have enough blankets and snacks, along with a supply of water.

Pragmatic Realities

While you are planning for a camping trip, you will have to figure out your black tank situation. Trust us – RV’s need to have toilet options that make them socially acceptable and comfortable. If 5 people were to continuously use the restroom over the course of a week, the bilge tank would definitely get full. You will, therefore, have to figure out how to safely and legally dispose of it.

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