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via BCNN1/TheChristianPost:

Democrat presidential candidate Kamala Harris, who is unapologetic in her support for abortion rights, told a gathering of left-leaning clergy and activists Monday that it is Jesus’ parable of the Good Samaritan that shapes her views on public policy.

Harris was the last of nine 2020 presidential hopefuls to speak at an all-day forum kicking off the three-day Moral Action Congress hosted by The Poor People’s Campaign, a coalition bridging like-minded people and organizations in all 50 states for a “national call for moral revival.”

The campaign focuses on issues that activists argue impact poverty in the United States, such as raising the minimum wage, climate change, voter suppression and access to health care.

“This is about morality, it is about what are our morals,” the 54-year-old California senator told those gathered at Trinity Washington University, a Catholic institution.

“It is about what is right, what are the teachings of Christ and other leaders who teach us the importance of living a life that is not about ourselves but about service to and for others.”

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