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A family in Prince George’s County is sharing a sweet surprise about the business they started during the government shutdown.

It was back in January when sisters Nikki Howard and Jaqui Wright found themselves furloughed and without income during the partial government shutdown.

Howard worked in human resources at the Food and Drug Administration, while Wright worked as an analyst for the Department of Justice.

“We had bills due and no paychecks coming in, including college tuition,” Wright said. “So we had to think fast.”

They quickly whipped up a plan to bring in extra income by selling homemade cheesecake.

“We took half a day to plan, and the rest is history,” Howard said.

Five months later, a lot has changed for the sisters behind ‘The Furlough Cheesecake’. Their story began to go viral shortly after ABC 7 first interviewed the pair in January. Then came an appearance on The Ellen Show, followed by online orders from all over the countY.

“Almost instantly, we had thousands of orders,” said Wright. “I was trying to think how we were going to make a hundred, and then we got requests for thousands.”

The company grew so quickly, Howard and Wright were soon able to quit their jobs at the federal government. Not long after that, they started renting industrial kitchen space so they’d have more room to work and fill orders.

And now – their cheesecakes will soon be for sale at Walmart.

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