via BlackDoctor:

We’ve publicly seen the downturn that lupus can take on one’s life. From missed tour dates to multiple hospitalizations, big names like Toni BraxtonNick Cannon, and Trick Daddy, have disclosed their complicated trials and tribulations with lupus. Bringing the disease to light has done momentous things in the African American community and has open the floodgates for discussion.

However, many newly diagnosed lupus patients still wonder: Will I still be able to live a long and good life with lupus

The answer is yes. According to Everyday Health, there are 9 ways to improve your day-to-day life living with lupus. Taking key steps to prevent lupus flares is at the base of living a healthier and better life with lupus. A lifestyle that includes exercise, diet, rest, and support will help manage the daily challenges of the chronic yet unpredictable disease:

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