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The first 2020 Democratic presidential debate kicked off in Miami with 10 candidates trying to stand out in a crowded field . They took on taxes, equal pay, health insurance and immigration reform.

Here are the facts .

Income inequality

When responding to a question about income inequality, Washington Gov. Jay Inslee said: “It is not right that the CEO of McDonald’s makes 2,100 times more than the people slingin’ hash at McDonald’s.”

Facts First: While technically true, it’s worth noting that this includes the wages of part-time employees working abroad, not just US-based employees.

McDonald’s reported that CEO Stephen Easterbrook’s total 2018 compensation was $15.9 million, while its median employee earned a total compensation of $7,473. That median employee however is a part-time employee located in Hungary.

Insurance companies

Cory Booker said: “The overhead for insurers that they charge is 15%, while Medicare’s overhead is only at 2%”

Facts First: This is roughly true, although an apples-to-apples comparison is difficult to make.

According to the 2019 annual report from the Boards of Trustees for Medicare, administrative expenses come to $9.9 billion, or about 1.3% of Medicare’s total expenditures in 2018.

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