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A community in Georgia has jumped into action to support a homeless McDonald’s employee after the man, a 21-year-old father, was publicly shamed in a Facebook post, according to a report.

A woman snapped a picture of the man, Simon Childs, and posted it to Facebook, complaining, “Just another reason for me to leave Fayetteville. I was in the McDonald’s in the middle of town and I saw this guy sleeping in the booth.”

Childs, who said his mother recently died, told WSB-TV that when he saw the post it “kind of hurt.” But he told the news station that he returned to work to find diapers and clothes donated for his son.

He’s not sleeping at the fast-food chain between shifts anymore. Locals pitched in hotel rooms and even a free fresh haircut. A local restaurant let him borrow a car to travel to job interviews.

“They changed my life in a couple of days,” Childs told WSB-TV.

Childs said he’s looking into getting a permanent place to live with his son, who is 4 months old. He also said he holds no ill will toward the woman who photographed him.

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