via FirstLadyB:

After calling off her engagement to Pastor and Professional Sports Chaplain, Chad Johnson, Michelle Williams is getting back to her first love.

In a recent interview with Essence, Michelle opened up about how she’s getting to know herself better after her shocking breakup, and being forced to quit Broadway lead to a mental breakdown.

“People have been like, “Michelle, this is a season for people to love on you.” That’s hard to accept when you’re independent. It’s hard to sit down and just let somebody love on you, take care of you. I’m in a church where I’m being discipled. I don’t have to wear makeup. I can just go in and worship the Lord—go to church and just be. I’m getting back to my first love, which is God. And that had been a part of my success before. I was serving God. I’m forming that habit again, Michelle Williams shared with the publication.

Michelle also gave advice to women who may feel overwhelmed with life.

“Thank you so much @essence My prayer is that it encourages women everywhere!! Yes we can have it all but if you start feeling overwhelmed and/or a prolonged period of sadness and fatigue it’s ok to talk with a therapist to get help to process and get to the bottom of things! Love you all so much, she wrote on Instagram.