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Now that summer is in full swing, you’ll want to prepare for a family vacation.  There is nothing more fun than a well-planned trip with loads of adventure.  If you are a last-minute Annie, this is an excellent place to jump in.  Here are four tips that will have your family ready and set to go in no time.

Tip 1:  Determine who is traveling.

I love being around my family, but for others, too much family interaction can be tough.  Ask to know who is on board for the family trip.  Some older kids may not be available due to summer job schedules.   Will the grandparents come along?  What about the pets?  There are lots of discounts available for the entire family.  Check-in with AARP, Groupon, and even your local newspaper and save yourself some money.

Tip 2:   Advanced booking.

To avoid long lines and price changes, you want to pay in advance for activities, meals, hotel accommodations, and whatever else you can.  Paying in advance will prevent the disappointment of overbooked or sold-out events, unexpected charges, and delays.  If you beat the rush, you’ll have access to everything your destination offers so that you can patiently pick your add-ons instead of scrambling at the last minute.  Plus, you’ll look like a hero to the kids when you breeze by the hour-long line at the waterpark.

Tip 3:  Pack the essentials.

It’s a vacation, but let’s keep it real, you will still need your go-to comfort items.  Bring the kids’ favorite things too.  Grab blankie, toys, electronic devices and chargers, sunblock, bug repellent, disinfectant, air freshener, and wipes.    Download movies, games, videos, and ebooks, so there is plenty of en route entertainment for everyone to enjoy.  Don’t forget your first-aid kit, and you can even include prescription meds or over-the-counter meds like Children’s Cold and Flu or Tylenol, just in case.

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