via Billboard:

Swedish police arrested A$AP Rockylate Tuesday night on suspicion of assault after a video emerged apparently showing the rapper throwing a man through the air.

The video was taken in central Stockholm on Sunday evening and apparently shows A$AP Rocky grabbing a man and tossing him several feet. The rapper performed Tuesday night at the Smash Festival in Stockholm

After the video was published online, the rapper himself posted his own videos to his Instagram account, which purport to show the man in question following and repeatedly harassing him and his entourage.

In the A$AP Rocky videos, a pair of young men can be seen following him for several blocks, despite being repeatedly told by the rapper’s bodyguard to leave.

Both the bodyguard and A$AP Rocky repeatedly tell the men they don’t want to fight them. At one point, one of the men hits the bodyguard with a large set of headphones, which the bodyguard smashes on the ground

“I’m innocent,” A$AP Rocky wrote.

News of the altercation was originally reported in Swedish media.

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