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Each year on July 5, it is National Workaholics Day.  Do you often times come in early, skip your lunch and stay late or know someone who does?  This day is dedicated to them, the workaholics, the ones that love to work extra and long hours and do it all of the time.

A workaholic feels the need to be busy at all times which may cause the problem of them performing tasks that are not required or are unnecessary for project completion.   This may also cause inefficiency since the focus is on being busy rather than on production.   Workaholics may have trouble delegating or entrusting co-workers and struggle with organizational skills due to taking on too much work at one time.  There is an answer to help with this for workaholics and that is to step back, regroup and slow down a little bit.

Workaholics may suffer from impaired brain and cognitive function due to sleep deprivation. Take a look at National Work Like A Dog Day as one outcome to being a workaholic.

A good and strong work ethic is very important to one’s career success however, a healthy balance  between work and home is the key to life’s success.

How To Observe

A HEALTHY work life is vital!  Today, take some time off to relax, slow down a little bit and maybe schedule a vacation for you and your family. Be sure to use #NationalWorkaholicsDay on social media to shout out to those you know who are workaholics.