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“We are family / I’ve got all my sisters with me!”

Who remembers that song? The lyrics are so true even in this day and age where everyone is for himself and herself, it’s good to see families sticking together, especially when it comes to health. That’s why when one of our fans suggested that we feature this duo, we jumped at the chance to shed light on sisters doing good.

Meet Jeanine and Christina (Chris) who go by the name, Sisters In Health on Instagram, are phenomenal sisters sharing their journey of health on social media. They workout together, experience life together and laugh together while we get to watch.

They even do this event called Yoga, Waistbeads and Wine which is incredible! I’m telling you these sisters are #sistergoals for real!

Here’s one of the things they shared about their journey:

“My sister and I finally got to a place where we were completely uncomfortable. Body aches and pains, fatigue, shortness of breath and overall discomfort every single day. We finally had enough of only being able to buy whatever fits instead of what we truly wanted in stores. We were afraid of the potential health issues that seemed imminent and that fear trumped depression and almost everything else in our life. We are determined to look and feel better. So we made a New Year resolution and we have been sticking to it! Together we have lost over 120lbs so far THIS YEAR! We made drastic lifestyle changes and we support each other so that we stay on track. We just work hard and remain consistent. It’s hard being unhealthy and it’s hard being healthy. We chose the one that lets us look good and feel better!”

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