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We’ve kept the workout indoors for most of the winter and spring, but now we’re ready to take it outside. For some it is a smooth transition and for others, not so much. It can be a little overwhelming in terms of how to get started but have no fear. All you need is a few pieces of equipment.

There are many options and opportunities to get your workout in whether you’re at the park, the beach or the track.

Here is a sample outdoor workout that can be done at the park or the track.

Dynamic Warmup Stretches:

-Standing hip opner

-Quad stretch

-Hamstring stretch



-Jumping jacks-30 seconds

-High knees-30 seconds

-Mountain climbers-30 seconds

-Burpees-30 seconds

-Or jump rope for 2 minutes

Workout: 2-3 sets of 12-15 reps

-Squats-Body weight squats or bench squats

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