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National Blueberry Muffin Day on July 11th gives us reason to get up in the morning and celebrate! American’s love their blueberry muffins so much, it’s their number 1 favorite muffin flavor.  Whether it is for breakfast or a snack, blueberry muffins are melt-in-your-mouth delicious.

While enjoying a delicious blueberry muffin, consider the powerhouse the blueberry is. This once wild berry became domesticated during the early 1900s thanks to the observations of Elizabeth Coleman White and the research of Dr. Frederick V. Coville. Before their efforts, wild blueberries were never successfully transplanted and raised in any farming operation for personal or commercial production. The only way to enjoy fresh blueberries was to seek them out where they grew naturally.

Today we can enjoy the abundant potassium, vitamin C and B6, and other health benefits of the blueberry much more readily than they did 120 years ago. We bake them into muffins and eat them by the handfuls. They’re so likable, blueberries celebrate a popsiclecheesecake and a popover day, too! Don’t forget, July is National Blueberry Month.

While celebrating the day, be sure to make a few for co-workers and family, too.  It’s not a celebration if you don’t share. It is America’s favorite muffin after all.


Give this blueberry muffin recipe a try! If you don’t bake, be sure to stop by your favorite bakery and pick up a few. Give them a shout out, too.

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