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We call can do this..Just an act of kindness can go a long way,

Acts 10:38 reminds us that Jesus “went about doing good,” focusing His attention on the oppressed and those who were often overlooked by others.

Here are 5 suggestions for you:

#1 Volunteer: Whether you lend a helping hand at your local church or get involved in a community program that could use extra assistance, God is pleased when you sacrifice your time and talents to benefit others. When you reach out to those in need, without expecting to receive anything it return, it is a gratifying experience. Also, God will look upon it favorably and bless you.

#2 Visit the sick. If you have ever been ill long-term, you know how lonely, scary and unpleasant it feels. How about going to visit someone and spending a little time letting them know you care? You don’t have to stay long. Your presence, if only for a few brief moments, is a gift. Even though you don’t have the power to cure their disease, you certainly can pray for them, sit with them, offer to make a meal or run an errand, and make sure they know they are not alone.

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