Regent High School, London, United Kingdom. Architect: Walters and Cohen Ltd, 2015.

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What a great story..with all of the crime and other things that are going on in the world this is a heartwarming story that we need. Recently a high school freshman told his siter that no one would eat with him at lunch. So via social media his sister took a screenshot of the conversation and posted it to her Twitter where it quickly went viral, gaining more than 80,000 likes.

“Retweet to let my baby brother know that he is cool before I have to pull up to RHS,” she wrote. And with that being said it went viral very fast..Student athletes from the school’s football team surprised Caleb and had lunch with him in the cafeteria, getting to know him and making him feel welcomed in the new and intimidating environment.

Not only did the student athletes join him for lunch to make him feel right at home, many of them even requested to change their lunch times so that they could continue to spend time with Caleb, according to WFMY.

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