2015 NBCUniversal Summer Press Day

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Meagan Good, 38, and husband DeVon Franklin, 41, recently visited The Dr. Oz show to open about their marriage, their faith and their fertility journey. During the couple’s visit, which airs on September 13, they talked with Dr. Mehmet Oz about the journey they’re on to eventually have a child, including Meagan’s efforts to get in her best shape in preparation for their efforts to conceive a child.

“That’s a part of why I did the 30-day challenge as well, because I wanted to really set an affirmation into the world and say, ‘Okay. I’m preparing myself for things that I want career-wise, but I’m also preparing myself for having children,’” she said. “And again, for me it was really about how do I say to myself, like this is every part of me getting ready for that? So yeah, we’re in a place now where we’re looking to do it.”

And while the couple is ready to try, they revealed that months earlier, at the top of the year, they took the advice of Dr. Oz and decided that Meagan would freeze some of her eggs.

“As I’ve come on the show and we’ve been friends for years, you always encouraged us to freeze eggs. And so we did that,” Devon said. “At the beginning of the year, we froze eggs and we probably wouldn’t have done it without your urging. So thank you.”



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