Fruit punch

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National Punch Day goes in several directions.
While one perspective suggests honoring tools used to make holes, another points to a day created to throw a few punches at a punching bag. However, we will direct you toward the thirst-quenching version instead. Besides, this delicious, refreshing drink sparkles with celebration.

A wide assortment of drinks, both alcoholic and non-alcoholic, fall into the category of punch.  A combination of fruit juice and a carbonated beverage, the colorful, bubbly drink sparkles with party personality. In fact, parties, weddings, and other celebrations serve punch as part of the centerpiece at the beverage table. Large wide bowls known as punch bowls provide a beautiful vessel for serving punch.

In the early 17th century, punch made its appearance. It’s believed sailors en route to England via India created the drink.  Punch quickly grew in popularity and soon spread to other countries.

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