D.L. Hughley Performs At The Stress Factory

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The “UNCENSORED” episode of D.L. Hughley aired and fans that have loved the comedian for years found out a lot about his upbringing as well as how he began his career. Many don’t know, but Hughley was raised in a very religious household.

He grew up as a Jehovah’s Witness. As a child Hughley believed that his calling was to become a preacher. He would see signs that always made him think he was made to stand on a pulpit and serve the people in church.

At the age of 12 that career path changed for Hughley. During his TV One episode he spoke about how his sister got pregnant and wasn’t married. For that reason and more he watched people shame her, but he became someone she could count on.

Hughley mentioned they made it seem like she did something horrible and didn’t want to be involved with people that were going to be so hypocritical. He still believes in God, but some of his ideas about religion has changed.

Check out a clip from his “UNCENSORED” below!

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