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Astronauts Christina Koch and Jessica Meir, soaring 260 miles above a wave of public interest, floated outside the International Space Station Friday for history’s first all-female spacewalk. The first two-woman EVA, or extravehicular activity, comes 54 years after a Russian cosmonaut carried out the first stroll in space just to prove it could be done — and to beat NASA to the punch.

Floating in the Quest airlock, Koch, making her fourth spacewalk, and Meir, making her first, switched their spacesuits to battery power at 7:38 a.m. EDT to officially kick off a planned five-and-a-half-hour outing. It’s the 221st spacewalk since International Space Station assembly began in 1998.

For identification, Koch, call sign EV-1, is wearing a suit with red stripes and using helmet camera No. 18. Meir, EV-2, is using an unmarked suit and using “helmetcam” No. 11.

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