Fig cookie

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WE all love these cookies….and now we can celebrate them all day today….It’s NATIONAL FIG NEWTON DAY!

Up until the 19th century, many physicians believed most illnesses were related to digestion problems. As a remedy, they recommended a daily intake of biscuits and fruit. Fig rolls served as an ideal solution to their advice, which remained a locally produced and handmade product.

In 1891, Philadelphia baker and fig-lover, Charles Roser, invented and patented the machine, which inserted fig paste into a thick pastry dough. The Cambridgeport, MA – based Kennedy Biscuit Company then purchased Roser’s recipe. They began mass production after purchasing the recipe. In 1891, the first Fig Newtons were baked at the F.A. Kennedy Steam Bakery. The company named the pastries after the town of Newton, Massachusetts.

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