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Female senior doctor talking about bad news and consoling sad family at hospital

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via BlackDoctor:

News stories and tragedies can be hard to deal with once you’ve seen them. Social media can make events feel like they’re even harder to get through. In times of sadness and traumatic news, it’s important to protect your mental health. Here are 3 steps, according to xoNecole, that you can take now to take care of yourself.

1. Know what your triggers are.

In the days of social media, your first impulse when something happens can be to tune in to your favorite platform to get the latest updates as news unfolds. If one platform isn’t giving you what we need, you may find yourself going from site to site and social platform to social platform.

The truth is, this isn’t helping. Burying yourself in information doesn’t allow you time to properly process and can become overwhelming. It’s ok to take a moment, unplug, and figure out how you’re really feeling

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