Protests At Open Carry Rally At Kent State University

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Kaitlin Bennett caused a stir back in 2018 when she posed with an AR-10 on the campus of Kent State University shortly before she graduated.

In that photo that later went viral, featuring a mortarboard with the words “Come and take it” written on it.

Now, the woman known as “gun girl” is back in the news as she paid a surprise visit to Ohio University on Feb. 17.

Needless to say, it did not go over very well, and Bennett was not to pleased with the reaction, while OU students were not happy to see her on campus as video shows below:

So how did “gun girl” react to the crowd?  Here’s WEWS News 5 Cleveland with the information:

Bennett tweeted that she was greeted by “leftists” who threw beverages in the direction of her vehicle and gave her the middle finger as she drove by the university.

That’s not all.  She even wants the school the suffer for how she was treated, even calling for Trump to get involved as she mentioned in one of her tweets:

She called for President Trump to stop funding universities like OU that “harbor terrorists.”

It won’t be surprising to see how #45 will react to Bennett’s surprise visit.  Whether or not he will actually get involved just because “gun girl” did not like how students greeted her arrival remains to be seen.

As for Ohio University, they put out a statement on Twitter on her “unexpected” visit, and how campus police officers did the job they were able to do.

Basically, the school did what they could, students expressed themselves the way they wanted to, and so did “gun girl.”  She just should have known what to expect when dropping by unexpected and uninvited.  Not to mention bringing attention to herself along the way.

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